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    Vitamane ™ Biotin Hair Growth Spray (up to and including this week: 1+1 free)

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    Tired of thinning hair? Scientists have finally found the solution.

    "Vitamane ™ biotin Hair growth spray really helped after my illness last year, when I lost a lot of hair. I was even afraid of brushing it. After using this spray my hair grows again and it is thicker and healthier. It also smells great. I would definitely recommend this product! "

    Romy, Age 34, Purmerend


    Advantages of Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth Spray:

    • Against hair loss: Specially developed to combat and prevent hair loss.
    • Stimulates hair growth: Activates hair follicles for a healthy and rapid hair growth.
    • Makes her fuller: Gives your hair a thick and full appearance.
    • Soft & Healthy: Takes care of and nourishes your hair, making it soft and healthy again.
    • Wonderful scent: Not only let your hair look good, but also smell nice.

    Suitable for both men and women! 

    Why can I see my scalp through my hair? 


    Nutrition and hair growth

    Nutrients are essential for hair growth. A shortage of important elements such as iron, proteins or other vitamins and minerals has a direct influence on your hair.

    • Balanced diet: Make sure you consume a balanced diet for a healthy hair.
    • Stress and illness: These can have a direct influence on the hair follicles. Special diseases that affect the digestive system can be problematic.
    • Scalp problems: Diseases and stress can cause rose or excessive oil production in the scalp, which can lead to hair damage and loss.

    It is therefore crucial to focus on both your diet and your overall well -being to minimize hair loss and to promote healthy hair growth.



    Prevent visible scalp?

    The Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray is a groundbreaking formula. This spray offers:

    • Exclusive ingredients: Awarded and scientifically proven.
    • Elevation: It makes your hair look closer and fuller.
    • Reducing hair loss: Reduce the visible signs of hair loss.

    Choose thicker, fuller -looking hair with IBEEEEE ™.

    The ultimate anti-hair loss formula!

    We have two clinically supported anti-hair loss formulas combined with powerful antioxidants, extracts and nutrients for the very best anti-hair loss solution!

    Biotine: the key for hair growth

    Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates the production of keratin in the hair and can increase the growth rate of hair follicles. This is one of the most popular ingredients in the community against hair loss.

    Results of an investigation from 2021 on hair growth

    In a 2021 study, women with self -observed thinner hair were randomly selected to receive or a versatile hair growth spray with biotin (Ibeare ™ biotin hair growth spray) for 2 months or a placebo.

    The results were remarkable:

    • Those who used the Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray, one reported visible increase of 79% In general hair volume, scalp and thickness after the treatment period.

    • The researchers concluded that biotin was effective because hair loss is associated with a biotin deficiency. By correcting this shortage with the spray, hair loss can be prevented.


    Minoxidil: the proven solution for hair loss

    Minoxidil is a local medication against hair loss and is an ingredient-approved ingredient that can be used safely.

    How does Minoxidil work?

    • Vessels: By widening blood vessels, Minoxidil improves blood supply to the treated areas, so that hair follicles are better supplied with nutrients and oxygen.
    • Stimulates thicker hair growth: Minoxidil also helps to increase the size of hair follicles, which promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hair.

    Clinically proven effectiveness:

    • Minoxidil is clinically proven effective in it Increase cell activity And promotes the growth of thicker, rejuvenated hair.
    • Clinical studies showed that 85% of the participants That minoxidil already experienced considerable hair growth within 2 months.
    • These ingredients promote the healthy development of hair and scalp, resulting in thicker and healthier hair.
    • It also helps to balance a cool scalp, increases hair volume and restores nutrients to hair follicles.
    • Reduces Further hair loss and hair fracture.

    How does Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray work?

    Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray penetrates deeply in the scalp to feed hair follicles and maintain a healthy scalp environment.

    • Deep diet: The spray supplies essential nutrients and oxygen directly to the hair follicles.
    • Stimulates larger hair follicles: This promotes the growth of thicker and stronger hair.
    • Daily use for optimum results: By using Vitamane ™ daily, you promote healthy hair growth.

    Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray: your natural solution

    • Dermatologically tested: Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray has been tested and approved by dermatologists.

    • Natural & effective: A solution for thinning hair, anti-dht, androgenic alopecia and hair loss after the birth.

    Trust science and nature for healthier, stronger hair with vitamane ™.



    Most important ingredients for vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray

    🔥Biotin Stimulates keratin production in the hair and increases the growth rate of hair follicles. By regularly taking vitamin B7, you support the health of your hair, make the hair stronger and give it a nice shine. Biotin also helps against problems such as hair loss, rose and itchy scalp.

    🔥10% minoxidil Increases the supply of nutrients to your hair follicles, which strengthens existing hair and stimulates growth. Minoxidil promotes hair growth, rejuvenates hair follicles and increases blood supply around it.

    🔥Ginseng extract Strengthens the hair follicles and carrots thanks to an increase in dermal cells on the scalp. This stimulates new hair growth and prevents hair loss and fracture.

    🔥Ginger extract Improves blood flow to the scalp and strengthens hair roots and bags. The many fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in ginger also help prevent hair loss.

    🔥Grape seed oil Contains vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and OPCs, essential for healthy hair. It makes the hair smooth, prevents split points, rose, hair loss and soothes the scalp.

    Why is the Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray the best choice? ✔ Stimulates hair growth 10x better than other products.

    ✔ Natural and vegan suitable for all hair types.

    ✔ Clinically proven hair growth.

    ✔ Restores vitality for thicker and fuller hair.

    ✔ Removes dead skin cells.

    ✔ Reduces visibly white & gray hair.

    ✔ Promotes stronger and healthier hair.

    ✔ 94% saw improved general hair condition*.


    Here are some of our satisfied customers: 

    "Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray is so good! I used it for 2 months and noticed a big difference, but it is worth it. My hair is thin, but since I use this product, my hair looks fuller and more voluminous! I am I am impressed by what it did for my scalp! No more itchy or dry scalp now! "

    Teresa Jones, 42 years old, United States



    1. Spray the biotin hair growth spray on your scalp.
    2. Use enough to lightly cover thinner areas such as the sleeping, crown, separation and hairline.
    3. Massage it with your fingertips in your scalp. Let it withdraw

    Keep using the product for 1-3 months for a better effect. We recommend having 3-6 bottles in stock.


    Vitamane ™ biotin hair growth spray Net weight: 20ml / 0.7 fl.oz