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    Ultra-comfortable non-slip barefoot shoe made of genuine leather (unisex).

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    Here come the must-have shoes of the season!


    These shoes effortlessly combine casual style with the superior comfort and support of orthopedic footwear, making them suitable for everyday occasions without compromising on comfort or a formal look.

    The consequences are flat, bent or spread feet and even heel spur and Achilles tendon problems.

    With orthopedic platform

    Throw your uncomfortable shoes in the trash and find your way back to natural, healthy and pain-free movement!

    These shoes offer both style and a comfortable fit, so your feet won't be cramped, stiff or unsupported.


    ✔️ High-quality leather material: Made of high-quality leather, these shoes exude a sense of sophistication and durability.

    ✔️ Stylish design: The shoes have a trendy and fashionable design that suits different outfits and occasions.

    ✔️ Breathable construction: The shoes have breathable materials and ventilation channels to keep your feet cool and fresh.

    ✔️ Durable outsole: The shoes feature a rugged and durable outsole that provides reliable traction on a variety of surfaces.

    ✔️ Scratch-resistant: These shoes feature a scratch-resistant leather material that stays looking flawless even with regular use.

    ✔️ Waterproof: The shoes have a waterproof construction that keeps your feet dry and protected in wet conditions, making them suitable for rainy days or outdoor activities.

    ✔️ Easy-care: The leather upper is easy to clean and maintain to keep your shoes in perfect condition.


    We've combined sleek, stylish looks and breathable performance to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long!

    No matter what color or pants you wear, this pair will match any outfit and you'll find yourself preferring these shoes to your favorite sneakers.