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    Tinypoppers ™ Children's Popping game

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    Make playing into an enchanting, educational and cognitive challenging journey.

    Discover a new dimension of playing where pleasure and learning come together for your child in a compelling way. Imagine a playing experience that not only brings joy and cheerfulness, but also strengthens eye-hand coordination and agility. Enter a world in which playing lays the foundation for improved intelligence and super -fast reflexes.

    ✔️ Refining hand-eye coordination.

    ✔️ Promotion of intellectual growth through play.

    ✔️ Strengthening attention and concentration in children.

    ✔️ Stimulation of rapid thinking skills and response times.

    ✔️ Relaxation packed in an exciting game.

    When you choose the Tinypoppers ™ Kids Popping Game, you choose toys that bring together growth and joy. The child -friendly, campaign design helps your child to develop agility, concentration and quickly thinking, while at the same time it is entertained. Invest in the Tinypoppers ™ game and see how your child gets smarter in a playful way.

    • Product specifications:
    • Material: ABS
    • Dimensions: 100x125 cm
    • Battery: 3xaa (1.5V)