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    *Important: Due to the enormous demand for Supreme Lashes ™, the current stock is very limited. The next delivery is expected at the end of September. Do not hesitate and grab your chance now!

    Discover eyelashes that are 75% longer, stronger and fuller than ever before!

    Say goodbye to fake eyelashes and Expensive eyelash treatments! The secret behind stunning eyelashes with our groundbreaking natural eyelash serum! Be enchanted by the power of carefully selected vitamins, which naturally extend your eyelashes. You will find that your eyes seem larger and more tempting in just 25 days, without hassle with fake eyelashes.

    Waking up with beautiful eyelashes is now a reality. While you sleep, our serum works hard on your eyelashes to feed and restore. Save time And trouble with your daily routine, while you still enjoy lush eyelashes.

    Discover the benefits of Supreme Lashes ™:

    ✓ Natural length: Our serum promotes natural eyelash growth, making your eyelashes longer and more elegant without artificial additives.

    ✓ Lush thickness: Enjoy full, lush eyelashes thanks to the reinforcing formula that every eyelash hair thickens.

    ✓ Strong protection: Strengthen and protect your eyelashes with natural vitamins for less hair loss and a resilient appearance.

    ✓ Time -saving beauty: Eliminate the need for daily mascara and eyelash curler, and save valuable time during your morning routine.

    ✓ Fast visible results: See noticeable improvements within a few weeks, making your eyes immediately appear more attractive.

    ✓ Nocturnal care: Let the serum work at night while you sleep, for effortless eyelash care without extra effort.

    ✓ Safe and of course: Our formula is composed with natural ingredients, so that you promote both beauty and health.

    ✓ Self -confidence Booster: Transform your gaze and self -confidence with beautiful, striking eyelashes that accentuate your natural beauty.

    Before and after from our customers:


    I was very skeptical if this eyelash serum would really work, but I thought the only thing I have to lose is my time and a little money if it didn't work. I applied it daily according to the instructions and within 2 weeks I noticed that my eyelashes looked healthier and within 4 weeks there was a noticeable difference in their height. After more than 10 weeks my eyelashes are much longer, fuller and healthier. I am regularly asked which false eyelashes I wear, but it is really just this eyelash serum and mascara. It is worth every cent !!

    - Marieke B.


     Main ingredients

    ✓ Biotine peptide
    This vitamin is essential for healthy hair growth and naturally supports keratin, one of the most essential building blocks for beautiful long eyelashes.

    ✓ Vitamin B5
    Helps grow eyelashes by preventing brittle and eyelash fracture. It softens and takes care of the hair and helps to grow shorter eyelashes longer. 

    ✓ Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17
    This peptide penetrates the eyelashes to stimulate the growth of keratin and delivers essential proteins directly to the root of the eyelashes, thereby supporting natural hair growth.

    ✓ Green tea extract
    This antioxidant also stimulates blood circulation and hair growth. This extract works hard to ensure that your eyelash line is healthy for long, fluttering eyelashes.


    Natural and safe

    The effectiveness of the active serum is confirmed by dozens of investigations and consumer opinions from all over the world, and by positive reviews in women's magazines.

    ✓ Safe and eyelash -friendly formula
    ✓ Tests conducted by independent research institutes
    ✓ Unique, completely natural ingredients
    ✓ Ophthalfully tested
    ✓ Inhibitory


    Included in the package

    2x Supreme Lashes Serum ™