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    Sunshield Privacy ™ - Foil for privacy and sun protection

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    Sunshield Privacy ™ Privacy Foil

    Do you want to experience more privacy in your house? Get to know Sunshield Privacy ™ Privacy Foil, the simple solution for increasing your privacy in your own space. This foil is designed to meet your needs in the field of privacy and comfort.

    Herwin your privacy

    Sunshield Privacy ™ offers everything you need to feel comfortable. Say goodbye to curious looks while you can still look outside freely, even on the sunniest days. The foil protects you against unwanted attention and allows you to continue to enjoy the world around you.

    Sun and heat protection

    We all know those moments when the sun overheated and blinds our living space. Sunshield Privacy ™ Privacy Foil comes to the rescue. This foil blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays, giving you your own personal shield against the sun's rays and excessive heat. This ensures that your living space remains cool and comfortable. Say goodbye to uncomfortable heat and welcome the soft sunlight without the negative effects.

    Simple installation in five steps

    1. Clean the surface to remove dust.
    2. Remove the foil.
    3. Spray water on the foil and the window.
    4. Apply the foil and remove air bubbles and water.
    5. Cut the edges and smooth the foil. Finished!

    Important comment for HR Glass

    Sunshield Privacy ™ Privacy Foil can be applied to ankle and double glazing, but there is an exception for HR glass (HR, HR+, HR ++, and HR +++ glass, known as Triple Glas). In the case of HR glass, the mirror foil must always be applied to the outside of the glass. This is due to the coating between the glass of HR glass. The mirror foil may not be applied to the inside, because the coating and the mirror foil prevent each other's effect, which can result in a thermal break in the HR glass. By applying the foil on the outside, you avoid this problem.