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    Soakshield ™ - absorbent drain mat

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    Water that is absorbed in no time! 

    Immerse yourself in the kitchen revolution with our absorbent drain folder - a true hero against kitchen chaos And awkward accidents. Do you recognize that moment when the countertop suddenly floods with water after washing up? No more worries, because our absorbent drain folder is ready to do you to transform kitchen experience.


    We all recognize The moment when the countertop suddenly floods with water after washing up. Your slippery hands try to grab a towel in vain, but the evil has already happened. The wet and smooth floor ensures a dangerous sliding part.

    We have the solution!

    Tidy & cared for: Say goodbye to countertops dripping with water and unwanted morsingen. Our folder absorbs like a champion, so that your workspace always remains clean and tidy, ready for the next culinary creation.

    Protection against unwelcome guests: Mold and bacteria don't stand a chance. Our drain folder prevents effectively moisture retaining, so that your kitchen utensils always remain hygienic and ready for use.

    Smart & Handy Design: Durable and flexible, this folder not only offers a long -term solution, but can also be easily stored if it is not in use. A practical addition to every kitchen, always ready when you need it.

    Fixed & stable: With a non -slip function our folder stays firmly in place. No more shifts during your daily kitchen adventures, only pure stability to support your cooking processes.

    Master in multiple environments: Not only a kitchen wonder, this folder adapts to different spaces. Use it as a coffee coaster, to dry kitchen utensils or even in bathrooms - a versatile companion in your daily life.

    Adieu, clumsy drops: No more stress when pouring a glass of water. Our folder absorbs the drops, so that your kitchen sink and floor stay dry and safe, every time.

    Step into a world without water disasters with our absorbent drain folder. This is more than a kitchen accessory; It is your secret super power for a streamlined and neat cooking environment. Get rid of wet misery, welcome the revolution of an organized and tidy kitchen!


    To colour: Dark gray Dark blue

    Material: Cotton fleece + rubber

    Size: 30x40cm | 40x50cm

    Weight: 195gr | 240gr

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