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    SealPatch ™ - Waterproof Patch & closed liquids

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    The perfect solution for leakage repairing!

    Experience your stress and damage to valuables Through leakage? Say goodbye to those worries with our waterproof patch & closed liquids, the ultimate superhero for leak repair!

    No more leaks, drops and water damage!

    Crystal clear finish

    It does not disseen the appearance of your surfaces

    Works on different materials

    Great for metal, plastic, tiles, glass and more!

    Characteristics that you will love:

    - Versatile applicable: 

    From household repairs to repairs outdoors, this liquid kit is the solution for you. It adheres to a large number of surfaces, such as wood, concrete, dust and much more. Use it inside or outside - it is perfect for sealing cracks, cracks or holes.

    - Easy to apply: 

    Applying the kit is a piece of cake. With the handy mouthpiece you can apply it exactly and without tampering. Just squeeze, spread and see how it forms a sleek, waterproof connection.

    - Sustainable and long -term:

    Our formula is designed to resist the toughest conditions, from extreme temperatures to heavy rainfall. Once applied, it ensures a strong, sustainable seal that lasts for years, which saves you time and money on future repairs.

    - peace of mind:

    Are you tired of always repairing the same leak? With our waterproof patch & closed liquids you enjoy permanent results and the peace of mind that you get if you know that your repairs are sturdy.


    • Weight item: 150g
    • Style: 1 - Pak
    • Ingredient: Acrylic Acid


    • Read the instructions thoroughly: Always follow the supplied instructions for correct application.
    • Protect yourself: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
    • Safe storage: Keep out of the reach of children, away from fire and in a cool, dry place.