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    Rodholder ™ ️ | Hooks for hanging different objects (set of 8 pieces)

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    Simply hang all your things!

    "I am absolutely fond of the adjustable rodholder! As an avid lover of curtains and everything that has to do with interior decoration, I have always searched for a way to hang my curtains without damaging my walls. And Voila, here is the solution.

    This smart holder is not only adjustable, but also very easy to install. Even if you are not that handy, you can attach this holder to the wall in no time. Just wipe the wall, remove the protective film from the glue, and attach the hook to the wall. After a few hours it is ready for use. " - Maike Best

    Enrich your house with beautiful curtains that not only offer protection against harmful UV raysBut also one aesthetic touch Add to your interior. But let's be honest, drilling in your wall to place a rowing attachment can cancel all that effort and daubed your wall. Do you want to prevent this and keep your beautiful wall free from unsightly spots? No panic - we have the solution for you.

    Discover the adjustable Rodholder, your ally in this dilemma. With this innovative holder you can hang your curtains wherever you want, Without compromising the splendor of your wall. The best part? This holder is not only adjustable, but also extremely easy to install. Choose a seamless combination of style and functionality!


    Why our customers love this product

    Anti slip - The strong self -adhesive strength of this rod clip is resistant to a weight of approximately 2 kg and prevents slipping. It is equipped with an adjustable spring to hold any size rod, so that you can use it freely wherever you want.

    Easy to install - Attaching to the wall is a piece of cake. Just wipe the wall clean and pull the glue of the protective film. Attach the hook to the wall and use it after a few hours.

    Wide scope - To maintain the appearance of your wall, it is equipped with self -adhesive power. It can easily be attached to all wall materials, such as tiles, glass, wood and metal. You can also use it to hang towels or small objects.


    Material: Plastic
    Colors: White, Black



    What's in the box: 

    8 x Nail -free adjustable rod holder