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    Rapidtape Express ™ - Fast and automatic tape dispenser

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    Easy to cut packaging tape

    Operation with one hand
    The tape dispenser is designed to be operated easily and conveniently with just one hand, so that you can multitask or keep one hand free while tapping.

    Automatic dosage
    By pressing the lever down, the dispenser automatically releases 2.5 cm tape, giving you the desired length quickly and easily without tearing or cutting the tape manually.

    Hidden cutting knife
    The dispenser has a hidden cutting knife that guarantees safety during use. This function also makes it suitable for children without the risk of cuts or injuries.

    Portable and battery
    The tape dispenser is portable, lightweight and does not require batteries, so you can use it everywhere without the need for a power source or you have to worry about replacing batteries.

    Frequently used
    Our automatic tape dispenser is suitable for various places, such as office, home, school and gift items, suitable for use at home by your family.

    Material: Plastic
    Color: Purple, pink -red, black
    Weight: 135 g

    1 × Automatic tape dispenser