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    Postureback ™ - illuminated neck and back complaints

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    Eliminate neck and back pain at home 🙌

    For years of hard work, sitting for a long time and poor posture will burden your vertebrae.

    This ensures that the discs start slipping and put pressure on the nerves, which in turn leads to severe neck, lower back and legs

    Just 10 minutes a day Lying on the postureback will gradually solve the cause of your discomfort by working softly. stretch your back and your Distrimation of the vertebrae

    This allows the bulging discs or hernias to withdraw and to repair

    This takes away the pressure from your spine, giving you a healthy, pain -free back and a smile on your face. Forever

    With Postureback ™ ️ you can do your own neck and Do back stretches in privacy from your own house. Moreover, the product is portable and easy To store it so that you can take it everywhere.


     Improve your posture and enlighten pain - Postureback™ ️ is designed to improve your posture while illuminating the neck and back pain. Regular use of this product can improve your posture and ensure that you feel more comfortable while sitting and standing.

     Do your own neck and back stretches - Postureback™ ️ allows you to do your own neck and back stretches without the help of a physiotherapist. The product is designed to exert the correct amount of pressure on your neck and back muscles, so that you can relax and stretch your muscles.

     No more expensive physiotherapy needed - With Postureback ™ ️ you no longer need expensive physiotherapy to relieve your neck and back pain. You can use this product in the privacy of your own home and experience its benefits without incurring extra costs.

     The product is portable and easy to store - Postureback™ ️ is designed to be portable and easy to store. It is lightweight and compact, so that you can easily take it to work, the gym or traveling.


    • Material: TPE+EVA
    • Colour: Blue, pink, gray
    • Dimensions: 30 x 9.5 x 24.5 cm

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Postureback