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    HappyBite ™ - adjustable dentures for a cheerful smile | Last day 75% discount

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    We are the newest sixth generation adjustable snapp radioses that differ completely from earlier cheap prostheses. We have developed and designed prostheses that fit perfectly and are comfortable for different age groups and genera.

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    🦷 It can easily solve dental problems such as missing teeth, caries, bad teeth and few teeth.💯💯

    🤩🤩 You can eat normally after using our dental replacement!

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    Having a perfect smile is now even easier. Herwin your confidence.

    Are you often ashamed of your smile or your imperfect teeth?

    You don't have to go to the dentist to solve the problem! Instead, you can use HappyBite ™ prostheses and get the beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of, without it costs you a fortune!

    This is a customized shape that is comfortable and flexible, and that easily fits over your teeth. It is the perfect makeover for adults such as you and it can easily be applied within minutes to turn your teeth into a perfect smile, making it perfect for daily use! Herwin now your confidence!

    Cover your damaged teeth so that you can get a perfect smile. Our customers can eat, drink and function normally all day long! Easy to use - Confirm fully to the teeth, so no glue required. Just put the teeth up and immediately get a perfect smile!

    Natural appearance- The design looks like a natural row of teeth and offers two color options: beautiful white and natural. The beautiful white option does not look overly artificial, so you don't have to be ashamed to wear it.

    Safe to use - has no harmful influence on your teeth, gums or mouth and is therefore ideal for daily use.

    "I was not sure if it would suit me, but once I got it on, I felt completely at ease. It seems like it's a natural part of my body, and the appearance exceeded my expectations. I wear it everywhere, do everything, eat all kinds of food, and my friends just ask me if I had a dental implantation. I posted a selfie on my Instagram and their comments said that my smile is beautiful and that my teeth so white and neat they even asked me if I paid a lot of attention to dental care. Does anyone realize that this is just dentures? I am very happy with it, because it gives me confidence, and it has really had a positive influence on my life . "

    - Guusje van der Berg, Amsterdam


    PETG (medical quality material) & natural harsextracts - comfortable to wear all day. Easy to adjust for a personalized effect, regardless of the type of teeth you have.

    Width - gives you a perfect row of teeth that cover you irregular, missing, crooked, damaged or discolored teeth.

    REUSABLE - You don't have to buy a new set! Just wash and use it again.

    About the product:

    ✔️ Freedom to laugh, drink, eat and smoke while you wear it.

    ✔️ safest cosmetic dental protection and no dental visits required! Can be used on crowns, facings, partial crowns and binding agents.

    ✔️ *Professional dentists strongly recommend buying two or more dental prostheses as a reserve.

    Strongly recommended by a German professional dentist.

    ✔️ Now you can improve your smile without having to repair your teeth - everything is done directly in the laboratory without dental visits. New technologies have made removable facings incredibly affordable. Change the appearance of your smile and level it: cracks between teeth, missing teeth, broken teeth, crooked or wrongly placed teeth.


    • Place the teeth in a head with hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This makes them flexible and possible to adapt to individual needs.
    • Position the teeth well over your existing teeth using a mirror. Press them firmly against your teeth and carefully beat your thumbs behind your real teeth.
    • Carefully remove the teeth from your mouth after 30 seconds and place them in a glass of cold water to cool. The print material turns white when it solidifies.
    • The print will now adapt to the shape of your teeth and can be used as needed. Click on "Add to shopping cart" to get your item now!

    【Tips】: If you experience problems when using our products, please contact us immediately. Our customer service team will solve the problems quickly.

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