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    GiftMagic ™ - The ultimate surprise box

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    Surprise GiftMagic - A unique gift box who brings excitement and pleasure on every occasion. This unique box is designed to surprise and surprise the recipients with its unexpected bouncing function. What makes the surprise box even more special is that you can place rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, perfumes or other small gadgets at the bottom of the box, making it perfect for making suggestions or creating a great gift.

    The Giftmagic Box is designed to to be reusable so that you time after time Can enjoy the surprises and pleasures.

    This product is suitable as a gift for parents, children, friends for their birthdays, Christmas parties, weddings and many more special occasions. It will certainly increase the atmosphere.

    The more pop-up boxes the box has, the better the atmosphere it creates.

    • The GiftMagic is Easy to decorate And to be used even for people without creativity for unique ideas!
    • The GiftMagic is already one composite box, Unlike others, so that you can get started right away with your decoration!
    • Suitable for a wide Scala on occasions , including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more.
    • A memorable and Personalized gift What you will enjoy for years.
    • More layers for the Giftmagic , each with its own surprise and Element of excitement.

    Package included:

    • Ruin box *12
    • Gift box * 1
    • Gift bag * 1