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    Furgonesuction ™ - Vacuum cleaner brush tools for pets

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    Soft care, cleaner spaces!

    The furgonesuction ™ vacuum cleaner brushing tools for pets removes loose hairs immediately from your dog before they drop out at home. The collected hair is immediately sucked into the vacuum cleaner, making it possible to vacuum-supported dog trim without extra cleaning work.

    Difficult care
    Removes loose underwill hairs quickly and easily, at the same time effectively combs the deeper coat and stimulates the blood flow to the skin.
    Easy to clean
    The brush is easy to wash by hand with warm water and stays dry after cleaning. It removes your pet of felting without hurting it. The fine curved threads of the brush hairs are designed to penetrate deep into the fur without scratching the skin of your pet.


    Perfect for all coat types

    This brush is ideal for removing mats, tangles, knots, skin flakes and stuck dirty. It works great on dogs and cats of all sizes and hair types.

    Material: ABS
    Color: Deep gray
    Dimensions: about 17 x 10 cm