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    Dreamskin ™ - Acneplister for the night

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    Get a smooth, clear skin with Dreamskin ™ Acneplister for the night! This powerful plaster fights and removes acne while you sleep. Wake up with a flawless face and increase your self -confidence with this innovative solution. Say goodbye to pimples and look forward to a purer, healthier skin.

    Our client told about his experience with the Dreamskin ™ Acneplister for the Night :

    "I have tried a lot of plasters, but Dreamskin ™ - Acnepleister for the night is of a completely different caliber. I already noticed a noticeable difference within a few hours. No irritation, no hassle - just a clear skin. I love it! "
    - Bianca M.

    "I used it during the day and by the evening the stain was opaque white. It is like a progress bar to get rid of the pimples! Effective and discreet - I will definitely recommend it to friends.
    --Genise D.

    What is acne?

    Acne is a common skin condition that is characterized by pimples, blackheads and blackheads on the face, neck, chest and back. It occurs when the hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells, which leads to inflammation.

    How does Dreamskin ™ work work for the night?

    Dreamskin ™ Acneplister for the night works due to the power of a hydrocolloid of medical quality: a liquid -absorbing gel. The transparent sticker is applied directly to an adult pimple and quickly removes pus and impurities and visibly reduces the pimple within 6-8 hours. The chemical -free and allergy -tested formula ensures safe use for all skin types and offers a trouble -free solution for anyone looking for fast and effective lighting of pimples.

    Main features of Dreamskin ™ - Acneplister for the Night

    Quick -acting pimples: Has an impressive duration of 6-8 hours. The hydrocolloid sticker quickly removes pus and impurities from adult pimples, giving you noticeably smaller and flatter pimples within a few hours.

    Skin-friendly and non-irritating: This plaster is suitable for all ages and skin types and is made of hydrocolloid of medical quality - a liquid -absorbent gel. It is free from chemicals, tested for allergies and soft for even sensitive skin, making it a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

    Easy to use and check: Applying the plaster is child's play: clean and dry the affected area, stick the plaster on it and let him work his magic. Checking the effectiveness is also simple: remove the plaster when it becomes opaque white, indicating that the cleaning process is complete.

    What does Dreamskin ™ - Acneplister do for the night?

    • Quick-acting solution (6-8 hours)
    • Transparent hydrocolloid sticker
    • Protects against crusts and scars
    • Safe for all ages and skin types
    • Free from chemicals and tested for allergy
    • Made from hydrocolloid of medical quality
    • Effortlessly removes pus and impurities
    • Easy to use and operate
    • Versatile for day and night
    • Noticeably reduces the size of pimples

    Loren's review After using the Dreamskin ™ Acneplister for the Night

    Formerly : The research started with a noticeable and ripe pimple on the cheek. The pimple was visibly raised and showed signs of white pus. After thorough cleaning and drying of the affected area, the plaster was applied according to the included instructions. The transparent hydrocolloid sticker easily attached to the skin and created a discreet barrier.

    After 8 hours: A remarkable change was observed after removal. The plaster had become opaque white, indicating that the plaster is effective when removing impurities. The pimple, originally elevated and inflamed, was visibly shrunk and looked flatter and less striking.


    How to use:

    1. Clean and dry the stains and the surrounding area.
    2. Remove the plaster and apply it directly to the pimple.
    3. Let it withdraw for 6-8 hours or until the skin is opaque white.
    4. Replace the plaster if pus remains after removal.
    5. Safe to be used at night or during the day.

    Product details:  1 x Dreamskin ™ - Acneplister for the night (144 plasters)