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    Charcopure Magicfilter ™ - Magical charcoal water filter

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    Water filtration at its best!



    The tap with carbon filter can be installed on your tap to filter and control the water flow, making the tap in your kitchen or bathroom healthier and more flexible.

    Effective water filtration, water saving and strong water pressure, try this tap filter and make the work in the kitchen easier!


    TAP WATER FILTER: The built-in layer filter can separate coconut active carbon, zeolite, PVA non-woven, calcium sulfite and rubber, and is used to purify hard water and spring water.

    6-Lager Filtration: PVA non-woven fabric + zeolite + maifan stone + calcium sulfite + natural coconut scales Active carbon + PVA non-woven fabric, with stronger filtering.

    Improvement of water quality: Removes heavy metals from chlorine and other impurities in water, improves water quality, makes water sweeter and safer.

    Splash -proof and water -saving: Uniform size of the filter holes, you don't have to worry about splashing water, it has the functions of filtering, splash -proof and water -saving.

    General: Interface for filters suitable for all types of round faucets, with a mounting ring, the water will not fall and not leak.

    HEALTHY LIVING: Water that removes chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants makes the water sweeter and safer.

    Water saving: It is made of soft rubber to prevent water leakage and save water with every use.

    Easy to clean: Essential items for at home and at the office, 100% high quality. Resistant to high temperatures and not easy to distort. To clean, just remove the filter and rinse it with water.