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    Blademagic Diamond Rolling knife grinder

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    • Professional knife grinder: Aierlian rolling knife grinder is a subversive way to sharpen knives. The magnetic knife holder holds your knife and then rolls the grinding wheel back and forth until it is sharpened and polished with a ceramic wheel. You achieve exceptional results in no time.

    • Fixed angle: The rolling knife grinder with a strong magnet holds the blade in place, so that your knife can maintain a precise angle of 20 ° or 15 °, regardless of the size of the knife, you can maintain a consistent angle on the blade.

    • 15 ° and 20 °: 15 ° is suitable for fine cutting, such as sushi, sashimi, damask blades, particularly high carbon content of hard steel. 20 ° is perfect for heavy cutting loops in the kitchen and elsewhere.


    • Diamond and ceramics: Aierlian Rollerslijpers are equipped with diamond or ceramic discs. Industrial diamond is the most sustainable and effective abrasive. Remove the first layer of the knife edge with a fine diamond sample, then polish it with the ceramic wheel and you get a sharp knife.


    • Multifunctional: Multiple grinding levels can meet the needs of your knives of different sizes and can also be used to grind scissors. We offer a 3 -year warranty, no repairs, only replacements. If you are dissatisfied with the usage process, please contact us in time, we will certainly offer you a satisfactory solution.