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    1+1 FREE | CleanMaster ™ All -cleaning powder

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    Tackle those annoying stains and let your house sparkle as if it is brand new! 

    Are you tired of that endless fight against stains and dirt, without achieving any success? Meet our revolutionary all -purpose cleaning powder - the ultimate Cleaning hack that makes everything shine in no time like new! This powder is the true victor against fat, dirt and slurry, making even the most stubborn cleaning jobs a piece of cake.

    Simply sprinkle a little powder on those stubborn stains, add a little water and experience the magic itself! Our specially composite formula tackles every mess, from hob, shoes and counter until stones and even those Hisses difficult to reach! Make cleaning again fun and simple with our all -purpose cleaning powder!


    Why our customers love this product

    ✔ Versatile all -purpose cleaner - You don't have to stress to have multiple cleaning products in stock. This little genius does it all! Use it to remove stubborn stains, erase fat and dirt and clean every corner and hole!

    ✔ Hard against stains, soft by surfaces - Don't be fooled by the tough name! This powder may be hard against stains, but it treats your beloved surfaces with care. No scratches or damage - just sparkling clean perfection!

    ✔ Time -saving cleaning solution - Who needs multiple products if you have this cleaning hack in your cleaning arsenal? Simplify your life and tackle every mess with just one incredible powder. It is a game-shanger in cleaning, believe us!


    Weight: 110, 250g

    Package contents:

    2 x All -cleaning powder